Son Of A Double Murderer Speaks Out On Growing Up In The Shadows Of A True Crime Story
My Journey To Forgiving My Murderous Father...
My Journey To Forgiving My Murderous Father

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There is a fascination about crime, which is understandable, but hardly anyone talks about the families of victims of violent crime and the devastation that is beyond the victim alone.
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What Your Gonna Learn...
  Background Of The Murders And My Parents
  The Aftermath
  Growing Up & Where I'm At Today
  Lesson #1 - Your Story Doesn't Define You
  Lesson #2 - Reaction = Control
  Lesson #3 - We All Wear Masks
  Lesson #4 - Environment Foreshadows The Future
  Lesson #5 - Death Is Not The Answer
  Lesson #6 - Death As A Motivator
  Lesson #7 - Forgiveness Is Freedom
  Lesson #8 - Your Purpose
  Lesson #9 - Transformation
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My Life Is A Real True Crime Story!
My Life Is A Real True Crime Story!
We all have a story to tell in our lives...

But most of them aren't uniquely tragic and then publicized for the world to see.

Whether you are a true crime fan or not, you will be impacted by my story.

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Son Of A Convicted Double Murderer

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My Book Title Gives You An Exclusive Inside Look Into This Well Documented Crime Story...
"With New Details Never Reported"
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The World Is Still Talking About This Story Decades Later...
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Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • Here is my #1 Main reason- For the majority of my life I craved a "normal life" and I wanted a life that would distance the tragic story that is my life. To this day I still have difficulty trying to wrap my head around my life situation and believe me, I have my bad days. I believe this story still creates headlines due to the fact that I became a well-adjusted adult in our society. By owning my life story I have an opportunity to help others who may be going through rough times...
  • Because everyone has a story to tell and some are more tragic than others. As human beings we react to situations differently, by sharing my story and experiences I may be able to help save a life (not trying to sound corny) but it also allows me to view the deaths of my mother's as something much greater.
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Todd B
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